Let's talk about Sustainability.

In an industry that is built on production and materials, we must assume responsibility to both participate and support sustainable practices. “Slow Fashion” is a movement shifting the priority of speed and efficacy to reduced environmental impact and fair labor practices. As consumers become more aware, and in turn, educated, the cycle of waste and overconsumption can be broken.

Here at Pipe and Row, we play our role in carrying and supporting labels dedicated to ethical practices, as well as carry high quality garments that will last for years to come. Here are a few of our favorites, and the behind the scenes details in their overall contribution to a better foundation of fashion.

This Los Angeles based women’s line is more than just a pretty face. Filo Sophia is dedicated to mindfully sourcing all materials that support sustainability and comfort, as well as keeping all manufacturing in the USA. There are so many small ways in which this brand is making a large impact towards slow fashion.


LACAUSA , or “The Cause” in spanish, has one main focus, and its simple- quality garments made with ethical practices. All fabrics are sourced and sewn intentionally, and are all made in California, supporting the Los Angeles community they call home.


This Vancouver based jewelry line is adamant about being both well made and earth friendly. All pieces are made using either recycled sterling silver or recycled bronze coated in high grade 14K gold plating. Now that’s something we can hop on board with.