Let's talk about Sustainability.

In an industry that is built on production and materials, we must assume responsibility to both participate and support sustainable practices. “Slow Fashion” is a movement shifting the priority of speed and efficacy to reduced environmental impact and fair labor practices. As consumers become more aware, and in turn, educated, the cycle of waste and overconsumption can be broken.

Here at Pipe and Row, we play our role in carrying and supporting labels dedicated to ethical practices, as well as carry high quality garments that will last for years to come. Here are a few of our favorites, and the behind the scenes details in their overall contribution to a better foundation of fashion.

This Los Angeles based women’s line is more than just a pretty face. Filo Sophia is dedicated to mindfully sourcing all materials that support sustainability and comfort, as well as keeping all manufacturing in the USA. There are so many small ways in which this brand is making a large impact towards slow fashion.


LACAUSA , or “The Cause” in spanish, has one main focus, and its simple- quality garments made with ethical practices. All fabrics are sourced and sewn intentionally, and are all made in California, supporting the Los Angeles community they call home.


This Vancouver based jewelry line is adamant about being both well made and earth friendly. All pieces are made using either recycled sterling silver or recycled bronze coated in high grade 14K gold plating. Now that’s something we can hop on board with.

The Gift Guide: Accessory Edit



Remember the days of best friend necklace sets, or heart necklace gifts from your boyfriend that you had to then wear all year long? Us too, and lets just say we have a lot more options these days...

Shop our collection of this seasons best accessories to gift… and don’t forget to treat yourself.


Mixed Feelings

Dress it up? Dress it down? We have mixed feelings, or rather feelings for mixing it up. We believe in pieces that can do both, and do it in one solid outfit. Here is an example of our favorites this Fall. We have paired the ever so classy pinstripe Laurent Blazer with our everyday go to denim and ribbed tee, and added the perfect combination of jewels and the “do all” boots to complete the look. Mixed feelings no longer.. you can wear this look from work straight to the party and every other stop in between.


The Sunshine Ahead


We are more than ready for spring here at the shop. As much as we love our coats, we are ready to (finally) show the outfit underneath. Check out our new collections to see what we are loving right now. 


Labels to Love — Hannah Naomi

Let us introduce you to the jewelry label we are loving right now — Hannah Naomi. This line is 100% handcrafted from high quality materials in Portland, OR. Each piece is hammered, soldered, and polished by hand to create these wearable pieces of art.

The line is can either be worn by single piece, creating a delicate and graceful look, or stacked and mixed with each other to curate your own visual statement.

From rings to hoops of all sizes, and materials of 14k gold fill, sterling silver, and 14k rose gold fill, Hannah Naomi has just about made all of our jewelry dreams come true.





We are so excited for this Fremont Third Thursday May 18th THIS Thursday from 1 to 8pm. Our boho buds Winston White will be here giving us all the beachy vibes perfect for this sun that is FINALLY emerging. Secondly, they have just launched the most stunning swimwear that will be showcased just for us. Designing out of their studio by Lake Tapps in Washington, WW are inspired each day by each other and a life on the water. See a sneak peek here of the amazing pieces that will be in the shop this Thursday May 18th 1-8pm!

Don't miss this fun opportunity to support local businesses and  — have some bevies🥂 and bumpin tunes 🎶


Inspired by a love for culture, art, and above all creativity, Winston White evolved as a canvas for just that. Created by mother, daughter, and best friend, Chris, Brittany, and Brandi; the brand is an expression of all that they crave-a fun, fresh, and carefree lifestyle. The WW girl feels ease in showing skin, seeks freedom in being barefoot, and is a rebel that laughs through it all. Officially launched in 2013, Winston White is known for their sophisticated colors, modern details and high quality fabrics. Working among local Seattle artists, each print is hand drawn with love. Designing out of their studio by Lake Tapps in Washington, the girls are inspired each day by each other and a life on the water.

Sneak peak the goods below.


all images provided by Winston White and taken by Alexandra Celia Photography. 


Winston White's new swimwear line WAVE has knocked the beachy boho vibe outta the park with their crochet detailing and flawless fit that's perfect for every body type. 

Check out the other 13+ local businesses participating in Fremont Third Thursday or visit the FTT Facebook page.

Fremont for a Day with Megan Little

We recently invited Seattle blogger Megan Little to P+R for a chat, some dress-up and to show her around Fremont, pointing out a few of our favorite haunts.

It was an unseasonably sunny winter day… Megan and her son Isaiah came by in the afternoon. We had just received a big shipment of Quay sunnies along with some new spring styles from Lacausa the day before which Megan immediately honed in on. She zipped around the store trying things on, sharing her finds on her Instagram story. Megan had been in a few days before and picked up a pair of the Frame Elton’s which she was wearing that day. They looked so good on her! We suggested she throw on a stripey tee with the jeans and a Stockholm raincoat in burnt orange (one of our exclusive Stutterheim trunk show styles). We topped off the look with a baby frank belt, some modern mules and a fresh pair of Quays — and BAM, the perfect "running to grab a coffee” look. So naturally, we headed to ETG, our favorite coffee spot in the neighborhood for an afternoon pick-me-up and snapped a few photos.

We headed back to the shop for more dress-up. When we got there, Kayla picked up the new heathered ribbed midi dress from Lacausa and looked at me. We both nodded in agreement — Megan would look awesome in that and sure enough… But we needed something to make the piece more transitional from winter to spring. What better than a burgundy suede motorcycle jacket? Nothing. Megan slipped on the jacket along with the new Miista Mirta mules and some matte black sunnies and we headed for the canal to soak up some sun. 

On our way back from the canal, we discussed important topics like happy hour and where to grab a good glass of wine in the neighborhood. While we have a handful of favorites, we’ve been enjoying Eve a lot lately. The food is light and yummy, they have great wine and tasty cocktails plus the space is lovely and would be even more so on a beautiful, sunny day. And so, Megan donned one last “out to drinks” look which included a stripey mock-neck body suit, our favorite Lacausa trousers and black velvet mules. Megan also decided to take the Sancia Babylon bag for a spin and some round sunnies from Quay. Could she have looked any more perfect in that outfit, in that space… ? Don’t think so. 



Happy Easter ~ P+R


Although the name lacks in creativity and shys on the cheesy side, College Fashionista has a cool platform for highlighting students with a sense of personal style, chosen by fellow students. It's a fun site to browse and throws me back into what I frighteningly wore while in school. Back in my day, I chose whatever was closest to my bed or the ever glamorous groutfit before it was at all cool, or cute or even socially acceptable - dark days (or just ahead of the curve??!). Let's just say I wouldn't have pulled off this styling of the Camo Sherling Jacket from BLQ BASIQ as this chic lady does. Check out the article with styling tips and of a course to a link yours truly's Came Jacket (which sadly is sold out currently. Sorry folks! We still wanted to share these cool looks though, don't hate us). 

We dig it. I honestly wish BLQ BASIQ was around when I was in school. The basics are classic and soft materials mixed in with pieces like this coat which can add a little more style and effort to a monochromatic look or a simple jeans and tee attire. Style on, little gurus!


I feel like I don't need an explanation for how great this skirt is. So I'm not going to (but for the record though, its the Gravity Skirt by Maurie & Eve). The boots are also on sale (whaaaa?? I know.) The Fox boots are actually comfortable. and cute. and have that awesome white detailing along the sole which makes them different than the 8 other black boots in your closet so you should make sure to add these to your wardrobe as well.


Lezz be honest, January can get boring. Weather is kinda blah, post holiday feelings are blah, blah blah blah. Silver lining? Post holiday, pre-spring sales. Stores are trying to clear out some space for all those new spring goodies that are coming in. We're excited to be cleaning out inventory and refreshing the store over all. This January retail cleanse is better than any juice, kale, vita-mix cleanse you've ever attempted for so many reasons. For one, there are no dietary restrictions. Second, you can get a handful of great items for a much better deal! Here are a few of our favorites! 

Fala is one of our favorite brands we carry. The materials are always great quality and unique for the piece. This button down shirt dress is no exception. The Aline tunic shirt dress is made of 100% silk, with leather piping along the pockets, its flowy and perfect with skinny jeans and boots. We also love the dress look with a simple slip underneath or throwing it on open buttoned over any outfit. We paired it here with a Sea + Pattern necklace and black jeans. 

Faux fur. Lets talk about it. Or just how great it looks in cropped jacket form. One of the best features about this coat is that you can wear an all black assemble and it doesn't really count as all black because theres that extra fur texture to mix it up. At least that's my reasoning and I stand by it. We also love it over pretty much any outfit, multi-colored or all black. 

Another favorite jacket is the Fifth Label powder blue City of Sound  wrap coat. This is the grande finale folks. An oversized collar and waist tie closure make this such a beautiful coat that hangs perfectly. Not to mention this coat is a STEAL. LITERALLY. A crime worthy STEAL. Do not miss out. This is important. I will be sad to see it go out the door but whoever takes it home is a lucky lady. Oh, and it comes in red. MIC DROP. Check out all the sale goodies HERE

Aside from these, we have so many other really great items that are marked 30% to 70% off. And, if for whatever reason you are unable to make up your mind on sale items, our new arrivals for spring are slowing coming into the store and would love some of the attention as well. January get at us.

-Hannah Erickson 


HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! We sincerely hope everyone had wonderful winter holidays whether it be Hanukkah, Christmas or any other festive event and of course New Years! So long 2015 you've been a peach but on to bigger and better things (and to me writing 2015 oops 2016 on everything for the next two months)! 

Pipe and Row was hopping this holiday season, we had our big monthly event that kicked off our big before holiday sale that led into our big after holiday sale. Yes, you're all welcome for those :) Its meant lots of gift wrapping, gift shopping and of course eating and drinking. Now our post Holiday sale is still going on and everyone needs to stop by! We've got tons of great items we want out the door. More importantly, our winter accessories are pretty much a must have for these final months of chilly weather. Hats and poms, poms and hats, poms poms poms, candles, and jewelry are all on my current post shopping list. Why? WHY NOT I'D SAY. Plus,with all my holiday cookies and overindulgence, accessories are my jam these days. Whoever said sweatpants cant be dressed up with a little bolo choker and stud earring clearly has never consumed a dozen cookies and a few pies over the holidays. And because I am totally okay with that expandable waistline, I'm embracing the opportunity to explore ways to style accessories. 



I, for one was really excited about ringing in the New Year. We hope you are all excited as well and had a fun evening planned whether you were chilling at home or out covered in glitter confetti at an event of venue. Although, I'm not one for New Years resolutions, I hope everyone has some new goals in mind. Pipe and Row's 2016 goals are pretty much to rock 2016 and have a blast doing it with new brands, returning favorite brands, new items and new artists or local talent. Happy 2016!